Our products are 100% eco friendly, bio-degradable and compostable. No chemicals or adhesives are used in the manufacturing of these products and no cutting of trees is required. Each product undergoes a final inspection procedure prior to packaging. Our products are designed and created to be water resistant, capable of holding both hot and cold liquids, freezer safe and some of them can be used in microwave as well.

Leaf Based Products

We have two leaf based products. One is using the sheath of the palm tree (Areca Nut) and the other is natural green leafs. These products biodegrade in few months as compared to plastic or Styrofoam which may take forever to biodegrade.

Leaf Product Manufacturing Process

leaf product manufacturing process

The areca sheaths when dried falls naturally. They are cleaned in freshwater upon harvest and are then compressed into a mould to give the desired shapes. Any excess leaves from the moulds are trimmed to give smooth finish to the products. To ensure that no residue or debris remains, the product is cleaned once more and goes through a final inspection before packaging.

Sugarcane Products

sugarcane product manufacturing process

Our sugarcane products are made from the sugarcane fibre bagasse which is left over once all the juice has been extracted. Sugarcane is a 100% renewable source and these products decompose within several months in an industrial composting facility. Our sugarcane products thick and durable. The grease resistant and soak-proof properties of sugarcane products make these perfect for hot or cold foods and drinks. These products can be used in microwave and they are oven friendly in temperature ranging from -13oC to 100oC ( -25oF to 210oF). Our products are sterilized by temperature and UV light.